What Is The Good Time To Go In For Hot Water System Replacement?

A cold shower in the chilling cold can be a terrible thought During the summers, one would not probably pay much attention to the temperature of the water, but the winters can be torturous. Many people wait for the summers to go and the winters to set in to get their hot water system checked and inspected. So, what are the ways to understand if you need to go for hot water system replacement or will a simple maintenance activity suffices. 

  • The system can heat the water, but not enough

It is time to replace or upgrade the hot water system if the system is unable to meet the hot water requirement of your home. For such a condition, it is advisable to first call in a professional hot water plumber to assess the existing system. The expert plumber will first conduct a thorough maintenance check and look out for faults in the thermostat, or leaks in the system and inspect the heating elements to rule in favor of a replacement.  

  • If water is leaking from the system

Leakages in the hot water system are not only a botheration in terms of the system not producing the required quantities of hot water, but it also can damage the walls and the floor around, and if located close to electrical circuits and wires, can be potentially dangerous too. Also, if the water is continuously leaking from the system, there are high chances that there could be mold infestation in the place – this is again a potentially dangerous situation.There could be numerous reasons for the hot water system to be leaking – from corroded elements within and outside the system to leaks in the inlet or outlet point-of-connections – it is ideal to first let the plumber have a proper look before you decide to go in for hot water system replacement

  • Crackling sound from the system

If you wonder where those strange noises are coming from, you should have your plumbing company immediately inspect the system. Noises that are unusual like hissing or sizzling or crackling sounds should be warning signals. It could be due to the build-up of sediments or due to some other reason. A plumber will be able to point out the reason after examining the system and advice the right course of action. 

  • The color of the water has turned rusty or reddish or brownish

When the color of the water from the hot water system changes, it is time to call your hot water plumber for a thorough inspection of the system. The reason behind the change of color could be due to rusting inside the pipes or storage tank. It could be due to other reasons too; and a plumbing expert is the right person to find the same out. 

  • It is time for hot water system replacement when the system has aged

If it has been some time now that the system has been installed, you can consider upgrading or replacing it. Most systems run fine for 5 to 10 years. There could be a case of premature aging too. Have a professional inspect the system first.

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