The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Steel Door

If you have been looking to enhance the security of your Melbourne property, a safety door will be one of the top suggestions among the additions to make.

Steel doors are one of the options most home-owners prefer on account of its durability and strength.

However, before purchasing one for your home’s security, you’ll want to weigh the pros and cons and then make a decision.

Here’s What You Need to Keep in Mind While Considering a Steel Door for Your Home

Identify the Place Where the it will be Set up in Your Home

Begin by deciding on the location for setting it up. They are nearly always set up in entryways leading from interior to exterior.

To make things simpler, you would be looking to set up one between say your garage/ patio area and whatever room connects to that area.

They are never used for interior rooms unless those spaces need enhanced security or to be fire-blocked.

Are Steel Doors Suitable for Residential Use?

The answer is yes. There is no limitation to them being used for factories or commercial spaces. You can definitely look at having them installed for your home.

Are They Made Entirely of Solid Steel?

They are made up of a combination of a wooden frame for the door’s perimeter, a polyurethane/polystyrene core, and a 16-24-gauge steel skin.

It is not possible to have the entire door made of solid steel as it would be too heavy for the hinges to accommodate.

Why do They have a Non-metal Core?

As mentioned above, a solid steel construction would render the door too heavy for the hinges to support.

However, it is important to note that steel being a good conductor of cold and heat, would make the room’s temperature extremely uncomfortable.

After all, what is the point of coming indoors if you’re going to suffer in the same temperature outside? Thus, the polyurethane/polystyrene core becomes a thermal barrier.

What should you Keep in mind When Buying it?

Establish well in advance whether you would need it to have a window/pet cut-out as it is difficult to carry this out once it has already been attached.

More importantly, let the technician know what colour you want for the door to blend in effortlessly with the rest of your home.

They have a factory-applied primer, which acts as a base for brush/spray gun painting. But there are some which have PVC vinyl layers that are difficult to paint and could be a problem if you want a different colour later on.

Are They Similar to the Fire Doors?

Not always. Steel doors with a 20-gauge have a 20-minute fire rating, however, the information listed on the sticker will tell you more about it.

You can also speak to the consultant and ask whether the one you are selecting can function as a fire door.

Will You need a Professional to Set it up for You?

This is perhaps one of the challenges of opting for a steel door, but only if you see it as one.

For those looking to DIY their way through this home addition, they can have a disadvantage of requiring professional setup.

However, professional set up is a wise and reliable decision, as voted by many home-owners.

Naturally, professionals come with the training, knowledge, and expertise to have the right one set up at your home in the least amount of time and avoiding damages.

Secondly, just like your vehicle’s body, these can also be prone to getting bent in a way that can’t be fixed with sanding and wood putty.

In conclusion, a steel safety door could raise the value of your property while also offering you the peace of mind you’ve been craving. However, a huge part of this outcome depends on the professionals you choose to assign the project to.

About the Author:

Nicholas and George are co-owners of AAA Security doors. AAA Security doors has an impressive and reliable range of security doors Melbourne and are also known for their steel doors Oakleigh.