How to Set Your Home Inspection Virtually During COVID-19?

Building inspectors of Melbourne has taken the building inspections in Melbourne to the next level. With the help of the latest technology along with some creativity. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, you or your tenant can’t move out of your house and has to follow the social distancing thing. So, this virtual building inspection in Melbourne is a proactive approach to keep you and your tenant safe. Let’s take a look at how to set your home inspection

For those, who think that it’s not good or have doubts about how you can successfully set your home inspection, then here experts have put together simple steps to provide helpful guidance. 

Go through a virtual home and building inspection in Melbourne, so that you can ensure that your money is worth investing. It helps you to take a tour and identify all major issues related to your property. It covers all the aspects such as vision, hearing, smell and any non-specialized inspection equipment. 

  • The low-tech option

The easiest way to get started is by using a video conference application like zoom. This method of building inspection in Melbourne is very simple and easy to use. It allows the buyer or tenant to take the photos as they move around the property. In case, among both the parties, anyone is not there then they can ask for the photos or video. 

  • Create a checklist

Consider including a checklist that the buyer or tenant can fill out. Moreover, ensure that you are using the template that is sent by your agency. Doing this will standardize the process and ensure that the property and building inspection in Melbourne is done in the right manner. 

  • Upload photos and videos

Once your checklist, photos and videos are ready, it’s time to upload them into your inspection software or application. Along with taking photos you can create an inspection report and send it to the owner. If the tenant is taking photos on their own, there are chances of taking a risk. Even you can write a comment like that photo is send by the inspector because of the particular reason.

  • Use virtual inspection tools

A great way to inspect your property virtually is by using the building inspection apps. that you were using for routine building inspections in Melbourne.The tools are designs to simplify the inspection process and there are less chances of getting the information duplication. Even you can see the property virtually and checklist the items that are mentioned in the building inspection report.

What you can look while you go through a virtual home inspection?

During these challenging times, building inspections in Melbourne are utilizing the latest technology to assist their potential buyers in the selection of the property of their choice. They are using digital media like Facebook Live, to FaceTime and Zoom to reach their prospects. That potential buyers are been guided by the building inspectors safely and at-home convenience. 

  • Direct a virtual inspection

With the latest technologies you can take the building inspection in Melbourne towards digitization. While you take the virtual tour it gives your freedom to check the property or building from all angles and corners. You can also do it with a video recorded building inspection, or else through a digital walk tour of the property. This way you will get a feel for the flow of the home. 

  • More time to inspect

If you opt for virtual home inspection in Melbourne, you will get enough time to inspect the property. You can take your own time to look at each room and the layout of the property. If you’re considering the building inspector in Melbourne to go and visit the place on your behalf, they’ll be able to answer your question related to the property. In case, you want to inspect one corner of the home, they will give you more time to inspect. 

  • Prepare your property

Present your property well by treating your property same like open house inspection. For example, assume that the buyer wants to show them all your private places including draws, cupboards and many more. By keeping this thing in mind, gather up all the loose items and stuff that have made their way on the floor and in house. So, make sure your clean, declutter and tide-up all things and let your home look best. 

  • Prepare yourself

In case, you’ve not used the communication tools before, you may need to practice run before you meet the buyer. Sometimes doing things for the first time can be daunting and it’s more daunting when you have to put you and your home into the limelight. There are a few things that you need to ensure that you present confidently to your buyers.

  • Prepare a list of questions your buyers might ask you and you should know how to answer them confidently and positively. 
  • Try using the communication tool with your friend or family. And take them to on the virtual tour of your home. Doing this will make you feel more confident and you might spot any problem with the network. 
  • Dress according to the occasion. Because of the outbreak, you might not be going out and you’ve been wearing something more comfortable instead of something professional. So, experts recommend wearing something that is more casual and looks perfect for the virtual tour.

Pros of Virtual tours and digital building inspection:

  • You can visualize your future and have a clear idea.
  • Allows you to check the properties at yours convince.
  • It gives you a genuine feel of the property before you take the second step. 
  • It allows you to keep a note of the things that is virtually shown. 
  • Due to virtual building inspection in Melbourne, you can avoid going out and it will reduce any potential exposure to COVID-19 by removing the need to visit that property.

It removes all negative buyers from the list and you have a shortlist of potential buyers. 

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