How to Plan The Perfect Wedding

Everyone has some form of an ideal wedding in their mind.  Whether people know it or not, it’s a distant, glimmering hope until their actual wedding day.  Although the hue of the napkins doesn’t say whether your wedding will be successful or not, it still definitely matters to a lot of people.

When it comes to weddings, some things truly can make it perfect.  Here are four tips to help get started in a new marriage on the right foot.

Stick To A Budget

Give yourself a flat budget.  You need to make sure it’s reasonable but rigid.  A budget will help you realize what you can afford, and will limit you from the regret of spending more than the two of you can provide.

If you’re not sure about your budget, think about what’s essential to the two of you as a couple.  Would you both spend a lot of money on the wedding, or would you instead save money here and spend more on a traveling honeymoon afterward?

Work with your partner to think about what you’d both like the budget to be.  Stick to your wedding budget as closely as possible, and if you have to spend over the budget, make sure that both of you agree on going over whatever the amount is.  Your budget should be in your mind, from when you rent a venue to when you book musical talent.

Curate A Style

Your wedding style should be one uniform aesthetic.  There’s no holding back on what aesthetic it is; you could have anything from a classic June wedding to a costume party Halloween wedding- it’s just essential that you carry the theme all the way through.

Instead of dipping your toe into a celestial wedding theme, let yourself enjoy entirely making your wedding into a starlight work of art.

This decision will make other choices more accessible.  If you don’t have a specific theme that you like, then you can use color or hues to tie it all together.  Your wedding is a day of unity, so make sure the design follows that.

Don’t Make One Person Carry Everything

When it comes to party planning, it can be easy to take everything you can to get it into motion.  Don’t let one person carry everything on their shoulders.  By working together to plan a wedding, you two can become closer and further your relationship.

If one person is doing every bit of the work, they’ll possibly resent the person they’re marrying.   It’s supposed to be the most important day for both of you, so you should spend your time together while you plan and create your wedding day.

Remember It’s Just A PartyIf you ever get too heated or the planning pushes your marriage to the edge of calling it off- it’s time to take a step back and breathe.  Your marriage is going to be more important than the wedding itself. The wedding is just there to celebrate the two of you.  Don’t let fights ruin this perfect day.

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