COVID-19 Effect on international student in Australia

The 2020 academic year for international students in Australia is a massive disaster. The Coronavirus outbreak is the biggest disruption that international students in Australia had to face. There are total 6,767 confirmed deaths so far in Australia with New South Wales being the red zone for having the highest death rates. There are approx 565,000 international students in Australia who are facing the worst phase of their life.

After the World Heal organisation on 30th January declared Coronavirus to be a public health emergency of international concern, the Australian Government had to take strict steps. Travelling was banned and people were strictly instructed to stay at home.

This was supposed to be the moment of excitement for international students with a new semester. But due to the outbreak of COVID 19, their dreams shattered and they are facing uncertainty. While some international students are living in uncertainty far from their families, about 56% of Chinese students are still offshore.

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Few Things International Students in Australia Must Know

International students who are miles away from their home might be eager to return to their families, but travelling will only help the spread of the deadly virus. This is a big challenge for them indeed, but they must have a strong mind to believe “When the world is running down, you make the best of what’s still around”

Universities Australia Chief Executive Catriona Jakson commented, “None of this is easy and we recognise the challenges faced by our students and staff. But it is vital that as individuals and institutions we work together to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus and protect the community. People’s lives depend on how we respond now.”

So in the light of the pandemic virus outbreak, here are a few things international students in Australia must keep in mind:

  1. Do not panic

We know how hard it is to be stuck in such a dreadful condition. Your families might be constantly worrying about you and so are you about your families. But this is a situation which nobody expected and the world is doing their best to stop the spread of COVID-19. It is indeed a challenging time we all are facing but if we follow what we are supposed to, then we can soon continue going on to our normal lives.

  1. Don’t take COVID-19 lightly

This is for the students who fail to practice whatever they are asked to do. Taking Coronavirus lightly is not a good idea. If you do, it will not cost not only your life but also your loved ones. So do everything that keeps you away from the virus like wearing a mask outside, washing your hands or not touching your face.

  1. Avoid making any kind of travel plans

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia, put a restriction on travelling. Australia residents who came to Australia from overseas were asked to stay quarantined for 14 days. Due to this, international students could not return home. We know how much you need the support of your family at this hour, but it will only worsen the situation. So do as your universities are instructing you, i.e. stay indoors and do not make any travelling plans.

  1. The academic calendar will be changed

Universities are trying to adjust the academic calendar. So your graduation ceremonies, semesters, exams will be changed. You can contact your international student office if you have any question in mind. But they may not be able to give you any definite answer as the whole situation is uncertain.  Your universities will keep you on the loop for all the latest updates.

  1. Nursing students can work

There are approximately 20,000 international nursing students who maybe be asked doing more hours in Australian hospitals.

  1. Be ready for studying from home

On 23rd March, the University of Sydney has announced that there will not be any face to face teaching. In the light of maintaining social distancing, they will make sure lectures, tutorials are available online for you. So make sure you have a good internet connection and a laptop which can facilitate you with online studying.

As challenging as it may be, it is necessary for the current scenario. Universities are taking all necessary measures to help international students.  

What are the Kinds of Problems International students in Australia Facing?

While the virus still ravages Australia, international students are facing more problems emotionally and financially. Here are the major problems they are facing:

  • Working for paying rents

A survey was taken in December, which discovered over 7,000 students stay in a private rental in Sydney and Melbourne.

While the Australia Government is stressing on the fact that everyone must stay at home, international students are having a hard time to afford to live at home. A staggering 22% of international students in Australia responded by saying that they often go on living without food just so that they can pay off their rent. They wholly depend on their jobs for paying rent. The international students are not even eligible for getting sick leaves which might make them continue working even being sick.

  • Accustomed to crowded share housing

A moderate half of the international students stay together, so all can divide the rent expense. Thus, if anyone gets affected by COVID-19, they will probably not have the luxury to isolate themselves.

  • Australian PM denying of financial assistance

This is probably the most worrying concern as Australia’s PM Scott Morrison stated during a press statement that international students who are unable to support themselves financial should return back to their home. This came as a shock to the international students.

These are a few of the challenges international students in Australia are facing at present. They leave their families, home behind to search for new opportunities and for seeking dreams. Unfortunately, the added fear and uncertainty is taking the place of all the hopes and excitements of their life. Even an isolated life is seeming luxury to them.

Mental impacts of COVID-19 on International students in Australia

Each student has different mental capabilities. Not every student has the capacity to deal with the problem. The COVID-19 is having severe impacts on these international students who just came here for starting a new life.

Here are a few things that are causing mental impacts on these students:

  • Financial problems

Most of the international students rely on their jobs, but due to COVID-19., many of them lost their job. It is becoming difficult for them to handle such expenses. Even back at home, their families facing financial problems, so money coming from there also becoming an obsolete idea.

  • They are on their own

They have no one to support them. They are staying far from home without any support from families. Living in such a condition alone can have a serious mental impact on students.

  • Zero socialising

At the beginning of the year, they make friends who soon become the second family. However, due to the lockdown, they cannot meet them. Social distance is making them more anxious as they cannot share their problems.

Universities and faculty members of Australia must start finding ways for supporting international students. They should become the voice of these students for the time being. Universities must support them every way in this difficult time when they are miles away from their families.


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