Renovating your Home for selling it? Make Sure to Follow these Steps

Renovation of any building is a huge task, especially when you are planning to sell the property. Many things revolve around your mind when you are taking this renovation project. For instance, will I get the expected resale money, what will come in the inspection report, etc.?

The most worrying part would be your renovation budget especially when it comes to preparing for a kitchen or bathroom renovation. Ouch! It sounds expensive, right? This is where you can rely on professionals as they will help you to take correct decisions and save your money.

Before searching for a professional on Google, have a glance at some guiding steps which we have prepared for you to consider during home renovation:

1.      Get the home inspection done by a professional:

Before taking any major steps toward home renovation, get a professional’s advice on the same. You may not want your basement to be leaking or your home having structural or plumbing issues. It will all be looked in by a buyer, for sure. A home inspection will make you able to market your home confidently with the facts.

Whatever changes mentioned in the report need to be made otherwise buyer will get a chance to negotiate for a lower price.

2.      Jot down the areas of renovation:

Create a spreadsheet and jot down the areas wherein changes are required. Then classify the changes on the basis of its worth. Remember, you need to give your home a smart makeover instead of a total makeover. Ask yourself a few questions. Is changing your tiles required or just cleaning them is enough? Are new colours on your walls required or giving a simple wash is sufficient?

Answering to above-mentioned questions will give you a clear idea while preparing your budget.

3.      Prepare and stick to your budget:

After making the list of changes required, you need to prepare another spreadsheet for your budget. Instead of investing all your income and savings in home renovation, spend a certain amount in it before you start making design choices.

Write down the changes which you want to make like flooring, lighting, cabinet hardware, appliances and many more. Get the quotation for materials, add labour charges and taxes to your budget sheet. It is always wise to allot some amount for unexpected expenses.

4.      Reuse the materials:

Give a glance at your home and check out materials that can be reused. You must be thinking about how I can reuse the materials during a home renovation. Right? It’s very simple, while giving a makeover to your kitchen, reuse your cabinetry and some appliances instead of replacing the whole. To give a new look, either paint your cabinetry hardware or just replace its doors to give a new style.

Likewise, you may have other materials that can be reused for your project which can give a new look to your home, saving your few dollars.

5.      Start the makeover:

Whatever you’ve listed in your spreadsheet for your home makeover, start it one-by-one. Do not rush into things as it will cost you a huge amount. By making changes one-by-one, you will get time to supervise things properly. In the end, give your checklist a tick once the makeover of a particular thing is done.

Make sure you have kitchen and bathroom renovation in your list as every buyer has these items in their checklist. It is worth renovating as it can also increase your resale value. Upgrading them can include appliances, flooring, vanities, bathtubs, etc. All these items may look costlier to you.

However, go for products that will give a phenomenal look at lower costs. For example, luxury tiles can be super expensive than laminate floor but it will give you the same look.

6.      Put in the wow factors:

Whenever a buyer steps into your home, something having a “wow factor” should be there which will allure them to buy your house. Eye-catchy makeovers may include an impressive garden, lightings of your house, new carpets and many more. This will not be that expensive as it sounds as there are cheapest ideas to give it a new and luring look.

  • Garden renovation: You can shape your garden to make it look neat and clean by cutting the lawn. Another way is to either place flower pots to make it look decorative or plant perennials as it will last for years and years.
  • Change lightings: If your rooms have old light bulbs, replace it with the energy-efficient lights. This is one of the best ways to make your home more energy efficient which could be a desirable approach of many buyers. Switch to lights like chandeliers if your living or dining room has those dull lights.
  • Replace old carpets with the new one: Old carpets will be a total turn-off for many buyers, so buy a new carpet for your home.

7.      Clutter out the waste:

We all have clutters in our house, so before the buyer comes in to see your house, put them out and make your home neat. Along with this, you can also sell the things which you aren’t using to create a good space. For instance, a few appliances, lights, etc.

This is the most common and simple way to make your house look clean and tidy.


Home renovation is the most exciting project to take upon especially before you sell your home. The only advice we would give is to keep it simple and inexpensive. Do not rush for crazy things as you may regret it later. Also, the above-listed steps will help you to prep for your project which can help you to make the right decision at the right time.

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