Noticeboard 101: Factors To Consider Before Buying It For The Office

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There are many businesses that use notice boards in Australia for various purposes such as writing to-do lists, meetings, advertising posters, and events, and many other purposes. However, they are popular in many industries, but they are particularly well-known in the offices.

As every office and its team are different, it becomes important when looking to purchase a new notice board that is both functional and efficient for your office environment. You will want to ensure that you pick the best notice board from so many different styles and designs to choose from.

To select the perfect notice board for your office, here are some tips that you need to consider while buying a noticeboard for your office.


Size is one of the most important aspects when it comes to choosing a notice board. The board is too small then your teammates will have difficulty in seeing it, while if it’s too big then you may find it impractical for your small office.

Make sure that you consider the purpose of the noticeboard and make sure that you measure the wall or area where the notice board will be located in order to ensure that you pick the right size.


Another point that you need to consider while selecting a notice board is the purpose of it. By knowing the purpose, it will help you determine what style of notice board will be most convenient and suitable in your office. Ask yourself, will it be used for general purposes or will also serve as a feature for business meetings and presentations?


A transferable noticeboard is ideal if it is necessary to move it around the office for meetings or creative sessions. You can select mobile pinboards in Sydney from These pinboards from Specfurn are double-sided, this means you can use both sides of it.


Talking about strength, get felt notice boards, they are not only lightweight but strong as well. While you would want to ensure that the board is durable and that is why select one that has aluminium framing.


Choosing the right material is equally important as it will determine what you are permitted to do with the board. If you want to attach documents or stick posters then a felt noticeboard is the right choice. While if you want to for writing purposes then get whiteboards. Although, if you want a board that allows you to attach and write information, magnetic whiteboards are the perfect choice for you.


Another point that you will need to think about is the color of the notice board because the aesthetics of the board are just as important as the practicality of it. Although, if your business has a particular color then you can match your notice board’s color with it. You can see a wide variety of different tones from


As already mentioned above, aluminum framing can add strength to the notice boards. However, aluminum is not the only options, you can also consider a wood frame which is 100% eco-recycled material. Apart from that, you can also get frameless notice boards that allow you to quickly and efficiently attach notices or documents and have space around the border to utilize.

Safety Boards

If you are looking for added security and protection then consider selecting fire-resistant noticeboards.

Board Accessories

At last, if you have selected the notice board that is perfect for your office then it is time to consider purchasing board accessories that go with it. Consider purchasing, whiteboard marker pens, cleaner, eraser, pins, magnetic pins, etc. as these accessories are important for the noticeboard.


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