How Would You Apply Boat Graphics?

If you have a private boat, then you can spend your weekend with your family and friends on the sea. Even you can host your party on the boat, and you can also rent out your boat to earn some money. There are lots of accessories available for boat, and you can use them for your safety. But a dull-looking boat will ruin your prestige, and you need to decorate your boat with proper boat graphics. If you have a few hours in your hand, then you can easily apply such decals on your boat, and you do not need to spend anything extra.

Steps to follow for installing boat graphics

Before you install boat graphics, you need to design such decals. You can search for them online, and you can find numerous online shops for boat graphics or decals. You can customize your decals according to your needs, and you can use their free online templates to design your decals.

You can follow the below-mentioned steps to apply such boat graphics:

  • Choose the best material for graphics- Boat graphics are made of high-quality vinyl material, and they do not shrink like normal vinyl signs. Apart from that, these graphics are UV stabilized, which is important for the marine environment. The cost of such boat graphics depends on their size, colors and designs. You can send your design via mail to the designer, and they will deliver the decals at your doorstep. Make sure you must measure the boat before you order for such boat graphics.
  • Get right tools for installation- To install such boat graphics, you need to arrange for some tools, such as spray bottle, microfiber towels, and tape for measurements, grease pencil, masking tape and scissors. Most of the designers offer flexible plastic squeegee and isopropyl alcohol with their boat graphics, and you do not need to buy them separately.
  • Wash the boat surface- Now, you need to wash the surface with soap and water. Remove dirt, salt and scum from your boat, and wipe the surface with a dry towel to avoid water spots. Then you can spray isopropyl alcohol solution across the surface and wipe it down with a clean towel. It instantly removes wax, grease and oil from your boat.
  • Begin with the installation– You can use a measuring tape to find out the vertical center of the area where you want to install the boat graphics. Then make that area with a pencil. Vinyl graphics come with a semi-transparent paper, and you need to fold it to remove the paper.

You can use the masking tape to mark the area where you want to install the decals. Then you can start with the left corner of the decal and pull gently at a 35-degree downward angle. If you do not form the left corner, then the paper will tear off. Once you install the decal on your boat, you can remove the transparent paper. You can use a knife to remove the paper from the decal.

If you do not have any idea about this installation process, then you can hire trained professionals. You can contact the designers and tell them to install boat graphics on your boat. They will send their own team and install such graphics within a few hours. You must know that; such boat graphics are removable and recyclable. So, if you do not want to keep these graphics in future, then you can easily remove such decals from your boat.

If you have an unpainted aluminum boat, then you must apply the graphics in dry condition, and you must install the graphics on a day when the air temperature is higher than 5-degree C. You should not apply the boat graphics on a hot surface, and you should keep your boar away from direct sunlight to install such graphics.

This was the basic information about the installation of boat graphics, and you can choose the best boar graphics to accentuate your boat and make it look more stylish.

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