Overcoming The Common Challenges Faced With A Small Wedding Venues

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Planning a wedding is not an easy task since it requires one to consider many factors. It is essential to get the dates correct and pick the right season; one that is most suitable to you and all concerned. There are many elements important to the success of every wedding; this includes the wedding venue, clothes for the bride and groom, decoration of the wedding venue and much more.

It is common to seek the help of an expert wedding stylist to ensure all the necessary arrangements are made. There are many advantages of hiring help; in fact, the wedding stylist is also an expert at helping with the hard task of wedding furniture hire. This article addresses the common challenges of a small wedding venue and how to overcome it.

Dealing with a Small Venue

It is perfectly fine to opt for a small wedding venue especially when you wish to keep it small by inviting a small group of people and opting for a small venue as well. At times you may be forced to select a small venue due to unavailability of the venue of your choice on your chosen date. Whatever the reason you may have for selecting a small venue, you are bound to face many challenges in order to get everything right in a small venue.

The advantage of having a wedding at a small venue is that it makes it simpler to pay attention to detail; on the other hand, it does make the process of selecting wedding furniture hire much harder. Listed here are a few tips on how you can overcome these issues:

  • It is a good idea to consider alternative seating; since the traditional wedding seating might not suitable; for example, the big metal chairs would simply block all the space leaving no space for other activities.
  • Selecting small chairs may seem like a good alternative however, such chairs will not be convenient to sit on for a long duration.
  • A good wooden folding chair that has good padding can be the optimal seating solution at a small wedding venue.
  • A foldable chair can be made to look stylish and ensure your wedding looks upscale.
  • Besides being small and stylish, these small foldable chairs are the perfect fit and very comfortable as well.
  • This type of seating will help one focus more on the wedding ceremony and less on the sitting arrangement.
  • Small wooden foldable chairs will be the perfect fit for your small venue and also make it possible to hire other wedding furniture like table, lighting, etc.
  • The foldable chairs are perfect if you have the need to clear the floor for the purpose of a dancing floor. It is equally useful to fulfill the space requirements for the dinner session.
  • The added benefit of opting for small foldable chairs is that it fits well with other wedding furniture like cocktail, tableware and more. It is also easy to find appropriate lighting and decor arrangements that go well with this system.
  • Chairs are available in many different colors making the selection process simpler and easier to personalize as well. It is easy to select an appropriate chair no matter where the wedding is being held (indoors or outdoors).
  • Opting for flexible seating means it can be arranged any way you like, making it simpler to pick the decor as well. This includes the wedding backdrops as well. This can range from a simple and minimalistic backdrop to a complex arch package.

Thus, opting for a small menu does not necessarily mean the venue cannot have appropriate decorations. It is still possible to have fancy decorations and innovative wedding furniture. For example, a popular event furniture hire service in Perth, Black Label Events, has the perfect set of items for a small venue. This includes the small wooden foldable chairs, decor, floral arrangements, tableware, and more.


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