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We often ask ourselves the question of what clothes can not be dispensed with. These fetishes and cherished clothes that seem to pass the test of time. I needed to list in this post the six basic clothes that your wardrobe must-have. Also don’t forget about boots. Styles boost for women is also an important part of fashion

It is always better to choose basic colours so that you can be able to then add touches of colors. That’s why most of the pieces you pick should be sober colors. There is also another very feminine reason for this and you must have felt it already. We tend to get bored with complicated prints and bright colors.

Combination of Fabric Types

Today, the mixture of fabric types has increased in the field of clothing. The combi has become a must-have. Whether in a loincloth, jeans or cut in a light fabric, if it is well worn, it does not age young women who wear it, but rejuvenate women a little older, giving them style, elegance and femininity.


The dress with belt

The dresses worn with a belt hide small defects and mark size, which can visibly rejuvenate. Carved in a loincloth, in an ordinary fabric or flower, in jeans, the dress with the small belt would be delightful !!!


The Raw Straight Cut Jeans

The straight cut jean is primary everyday wear. Used with high heels in the evening or with moccasins or ballerinas during the day, it is a must!

I advise you to choose raw because this shade of jeans is easier to match than others. It goes with darker or lighter colors and even pastel, unlike black, which if you mix with black at the top, can give you the result of a sad outfit.

The straight cut, meantime, has the gift of improving all silhouette types. Read post on how to choose your jeans for more information on different cuts of jeans.

For an evening outfit, wear your jeans encircled with an ornamented belt. Add your long-sleeved tunic cream color and your coral shoes, do not forget to accessorize with rushes and a beautiful bib or a big ring.

For a casual chic outfit, wear your jeans with comfortable loafers, and put on a short cardigan over a simple cotton t-shirt. Pay attention to the color combinations at the top, wear a V-neck t-shirt and a cardigan in the same color tones.

That’s why I insist that you have to choose these quality items. You can put the budget high enough for these pieces because they will serve you throughout the seasons and thanks to their colors and basic shapes, they are easy to wear every day!

They include:

  • Raw straight cut jeans
  • The black straight skirt
  • The navy blazer
  • The trapeze skirt
  • The empire dress
  • Beige blouse

You surely have pieces in your wardrobe that you do not put on. We often surround ourselves with superfluity, and it happens that this too much useless stuff pollutes our minds. Now is a good time to sort through your wardrobe.

New Street Fashion

Street fashion is one fascinating subject to me. I love the informal, laid-back girl in the neighbourhood look.


Actually, I do not know why I like clothes and shoes, because my environment is not especially fashion fan. I have never been in such an environment since I was little. I was rather encouraged to read and work well at school rather than choosing my clothes.

I just think I like to feel good in my clothes. I like to feel “beautiful”, I like to feel good when I go out, not for others, but for me. I like to have new things, to sort them, to look at what it’s like, to ask if I like, if I really like or if I just like it because Glamour says it’s the new trend…

The new trend is a way of expressing oneself with one’s body, yet I do not have a particular style, I am neither punk nor Gothic. I do not have a style that one notices in the street, but my clothes define me too. I love that my clothes show what I am.


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