Kitchen Renovation: The A to Z Things of What You Must Do

Whether you’re simply upgrading your house or selling it, one of the most common things to tackle is the kitchen. But coming up with some new ideas as what to do and where to begin can be a challenging task. So, here is a handy guide for your A to Z kitchen improvements. The major purpose of this guide is just to give you an initial theme so that you can create your ideas.

A for Appliances:

Before you buy your appliances, do some research work. Your choice can impact the design and the budget of your kitchen improvement. While purchasing, consider its height, depth and width so that it can easily fit in your kitchen area.

B for the Backsplash:

It is asuperb way to re-create your kitchen more modern and organised. Instead of stainless steel, consider adding ceramic tiles because it’s not prone to abrasions or scratches. But ensure whatever material you pick around and behind is adequately wrapped. You can also opt for glass material because it is an eco-friendly option that is also stain resistant.

C for Cabinets:

Visit your local kitchen showrooms for cabinets and countertops you want to use in your project. But it is good to hire a professional rather than doing it yourself, in case you are thinking of replacing and reinstalling cabinets completely. While selecting consider its style, colour, cost and other advanced features.

D for Deep storage drawers:

Under the counter, storage is suitable for storing large pull-out drawers. You can easily fit your pans, lids, bowls, pots and dishes into the deep drawers. But before adding it check the size of the drawers, glide options and all the accessories that will help to keep items well-organised.

E for Energy saving appliances:

By adding energy-saving appliances, you may cost more in the short term, but it will help you in saving for a long time. As it consumes less energy overall, it is the best investment you can do if you’re considering to replace your old appliances anyway. For low costing, you can seal your windows and replace bright light bulbs. 

F for Flush mount lighting:

Practical lighting solutions don’t have to look well and realistic. The flush mount provides a wide range of decorative pendant lights and oomph. Try them in your kitchen with low ceilings. If you want to hang it, place them no less than 3 feet at a distance. 

G for Gathering space:

People who like to do family gathering or who like to entertain, then galley kitchen is best for them. To achieve extra space, you may have to extend your kitchen by attaching your outdoor space or dining space in your plans.

H for Hinges:

They are of two types, including face frame hinges, which is attachedstraight in the cabinet frame. For frameless it is attached inside and can’t be seen outwardly. If you want to style your overlay doors, you can go with covered, semi-concealed, wrap-around, and surface-mounted joints.

I for Island counters:

It is accessible for the large kitchen type. It can effortlessly fit in both modern and traditional kitchens and offers a space to gather for eating. It is also a spacious surface area for specific preparation. It is also known as a kitchen island. You caninstall it in a central space, with equal and ample room from both side.

J for Jewels:

Jewels mean the decorative items you add to your kitchen for decorating it—things like glass cabinets, custom tiles, pendant lights, wine cellars and more for display collection.

K for Kitchen décor:

If you’re considering for a small upgrading that goes a long way, then kitchen decor is a great idea. There are some spots in your kitchen which are treated like the odd one out. Ideas for kitchen decor includeswindows, a casual sitting area with storage chair or adding some floral plants. You can play with some colour pops and different textures to define your decor.

L for lighting:

It is the primary functionality of the kitchen. It talks both natural light and electric lighting. If you think that your kitchen needs more sunlight, then consider adding more skylight or sun tunnels. You can also add an option like electric lighting like LED Lights, halogen, florescent. Some popular light fixtures include under cabinet units, pendant lights and recessed lights.

M for Marble:

They look beautiful on kitchen countertops. However, they are the costliest material, there are few which are cheaplike Carrara marble which gives a classic look with it in more grey-toned colour. 

N for Natural wood:

Natural wood cabinets give your kitchen a rustic look and are famous for a country or cottage feel. Moreover, it also originally among the cheapest alternatives for kitchen cabinets. However, if you opt this, ensure that you have a reliable ventilation system.

O for Open Shelves:

Add some open shelves to your kitchen. Consider the height and placement of the shelves as well as the number you need to operate small gadgets and appliances.

P for Pantry:

Your kitchen cabinets can become cluttered. There is nothing more frustrating than reaching back of the shelves to find pots, pans, lids and more. Look for drawers and cabinets with pull-out shelves which can provide easy access to these items.

Q for Quick Access:

Consider adding some carousels to your corner cabinets for food storage and spices. Also, consider adding under-cabinet trash receptacles and recycling pull-outs.

R for Refrigerator:

Buying a new refrigerator may not be first on your list. Still, if you’re doing a complete renovation, it’s likely that you will want to change it, or you might have a look at it.

S for Sinks:

It is an essential fixture of the kitchen. Choose them wisely and consider depth, utility, faucet styles and ease of cleaning. Also, don’t forget to select waste disposal that is compatible with your sewer or septic system.

T for Tiles:

You can add tiles to your kitchen flooring and backsplash. It will make a decorative wall and will give you a focal point to a kitchen. If you’re considering that you will add tile to your floors, find non-skid products and don’t forget to choose grout colour for your flooring.

U for Utensil drawers:

It is another feature you need to keep in mind the time of complete kitchen renovation. The most common options include corner drawers, flip-up doors, sliding doors, and pocket drawers.

V for Ventilation:

When you choose the ventilation, it will come in a wide range of styles and size but ensure that it suits your stove and fuel source. Some of the cooktops use downdraft ventilation.

W for Wine storage:

Add a space which is dedicated to your beverage storage and some glassware. You can add wine storage in your kitchen by replacing your old cabinet, which you don’t use any more.

X for Xtra ideas:

Renovating your kitchen is a significant investment. Take time to think and plan your budget, especially for your appliances and products. Go through some source for some ideas and layout for your kitchen.

Y for your personal touch:

While improving add some personal touch of yourself. Play with colours, fabrics, wall decorations, kitchen collectibles and other items which reflects your lifestyle.

Z for Zones:

Give your different kitchen zones like food prep, dining, beverage, baking, and more. You can also take help from the experts to plan your project.


Take your time when planning a kitchen remodelling project to address all the details. If the lists seem overwhelming, an expert contractor can help you through it and recommend some of the products and items you will need for your project. You can also ask some questions before you start your kitchen renovation. It will help you gain more idea.

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