How To Save The Most Money On Your Move

Moving from one place to another can be a timely and challenging task. Whether you are moving within your city or to a new state altogether, it demands a lot of time and effort. Also, it requires a lot of planning in various aspects. Hence it can be expensive to move as it includes several tasks to be performed. 

The good news is we have you covered. Here is a list of great tips you can keep in mind before moving so you can save money and time. 

  1. Go through your home to determine what you will keep, donate, or sell before you begin packing. The less clutter you have to pack and move, the cheaper it will be.
  2. Compare moving companies quotes for the best deals.
  3. Ask the moving company for a fixed price rather than an estimate. A fixed price will help with planning a budget.
  4. Moving is generally cheaper in the winter, during the week, or in the middle of the month. Most moving companies will provide great deals throughout the week or days they are not booked.
  5. To save money on packing and moving supplies, nest smaller items inside bigger items.
  6. To organize your moving process, use a moving checklist. Staying organized will save you time and money in the long-run as well.
  7. Stay overnight with friends or family members along the way if you’re moving interstate or having to drive a long distance.
  8. Try bargaining with the mover; it never hurts to ask if they are willing to negotiate a price, especially if you move in the offseason or during the week.
  9. If you’re moving long distances, confirm with your movers that they don’t charge sub-charges for fuel.
  10. If you require other moving services such as moving supplies, storage etc. Shop for a combo deal.
  11. Create a moving expenses budget and stick to it.
  12. Get creative when packing. Linens, sheets, & towels are great items to use vs paper and bubble wrap.
  13. Be ready for the Movers as the longer they take, the more they will charge.
  14. Eat at home the weeks leading up to the move and use up any food in your fridge, freezer and pantry. 

Moving by yourself vs. hiring movers

Whether you want to hire movers to do all the physical labour or you want to do most of the job yourself, moving companies offer a lot of choices and services that make your move run smoothly. Decide how much you can afford and how much work you want to do for the move. Then, pick the moving option that works best for you. 

Moving by yourself

When moving by yourself, you will have to pack all the items, load them into your own vehicle or leased truck, and then unload them at the other end. If you own or can borrow a truck and not move very far, this choice can be cheaper. If you don’t have friends or family to assist with or are moving long-distance, this can be very challenging.


  • Control over every element.
  • Costs less than moving companies. 
  • It can be done on your own timeline.


  • Creates a lot more work.
  • Fuel and rental costs for trucks can add up. 
  • It may take much longer than planned.
  • You need to have a good reliable group of friends or family to help out.

Hiring a Moving company

Everything related to your move can be done by professional moving companies, including packing your boxes, moving items from point A to point B and even cleaning and transferring your utilities. This option will cost more depending on the package and services you choose, but it will involve the least amount of stress and work.  


  • Less stress than moving yourself.
  • They do all the heavy lifting and have all the necessary lifting and moving supplies.
  • They guarantee your personal belongings.


  • You work within their timeframe.
  • It can be more money, depending on the services needed. 

The bottom-line

Choosing a way to move should be about what is most suitable for you and your budget. Either you can decide to move by yourself, get some extra help or hire professionals to do it all. Always compare options for a better experience. Consider your budget, time frame and expectations to make your move as smooth as possible. 

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