Popular Courses for International Students Seeking Jobs in Australia

A large number of international students take up a wide range of courses in Australia. Australia is one of the most popular destinations for studies. Every year a new batch of international students arrive in Australia to take up a course of their choice. There is a rise in the number of people travelling for studies. It is not uncommon for students to take up a job after studies or even attempt to apply to obtain a permanent residency. Trade courses in Australia are one of the most popular.

  • The number of international students worldwide in 2016 was 4,854,336 while that in 2011 was 3,961,200.
  •  In 2017, 5.3 Million students took up studies at a foreign university.
  • The number of enrolments of international students in 2018 in Australia was 398,563 while that in 2008 was 202,581.

A large number of students continue to enrol for courses in 2020. Some of the popular sectors for enrolment include Higher Education Sector; Vocational Educational & Training sector (VET), English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students and many more.

Popular Courses in Australia from job Perspective

There are many courses available in Australia making it hard for international students to pick the right one. These courses vary in cost and duration which is often a deciding factor when selecting a course. One of the other factors to consider when picking a course is the ease of getting extending your stay in Australia by gaining employment in the same field or by applying for permanent residence. IT and Nursing are two very promising fields for International students. It is easy for them to take up a course in these fields with many future job prospects.

Listed here are many other popular courses for international students in Australia:

  • Carpentry: Since carpentry is a skill that is in high demand in Australia, it is very easy for domestic students to take up this field and gain employment. However, there is a higher demand for carpentry skills as compared to the number of people taking up studies in this field. Thus, there is a good opportunity for international students to take up education in this field and obtain their degree to ensure good prospects of getting a job.
  • Engineering: There is a high demand for engineering professionals too; this includes civil, mechanical, structural and many more. It is essential to have a Bachelor of Engineering or take up a Graduate Diploma, Certificate course, or Advanced Diploma to qualify for one of the engineering positions.
  • Trade courses Australia: There are many types of Trade courses in Australia and it is also very popular. Some of the popular trade occupations that are in high demand in Australia include boat building, bricklaying, joinery, automotive mechanic, plumbing, wall & floor tiling, automotive bodywork, and many more. The student fees for such courses tend to be lower. The courses are of shorter duration and it is easier to obtain a high salary.

Benefits of Opting for Trade courses in Australia

There are many benefits to take up trade qualification in Australia as listed here:

  • The fee charged for such courses is usually comparatively lower.
  • The course duration of this course is lesser compared to other courses.
  • It is an almost certain pathway towards obtaining your Permanent Residency.
  • This course opens doors to several job opportunities in Australia.
  • The training includes a large amount of practical training and assures one a high salary.

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