All You Should Know About Learning Difficulties And Their Symptoms In Child

There are times when attaining information isn’t easy for every kid while they are going to school. This is where learning difficulties and their symptoms for child might occur and you should ensure that you know some of the most common issues and what to look for. Here are just some of the main ailments that cause attainment of knowledge to be difficult for certain individuals, so keep reading to find out more.


If your kid is having problems with making the simplest of connections between sounds and words, then they might have dyslexia. This is a common learning difficulty and their symptoms for child varies and things to watch out for includes:

  • Having difficulty understanding what other people are saying
  • Problems organizing the spoken and written language
  • Delays in speaking
  • Problems expressing their feelings or thoughts
  • Difficulty when it comes to learning some new words either when hearing or reading
  • Problems learning new foreign languages
  • Difficulties with learning rhymes and songs
  • Slower rates of reading, including out loud and silently
  • Gives up on tasks that include a lot of reading or longer passages
  • Poor spelling
  • Issues telling right from left
  • Not able to remember numbers in order, including addresses and telephone numbers

These are the major things to watch for when it comes to dyslexia and if you know what to look for, then you can get treatment done.


Another one of the learning difficulties and their symptoms for child to watch out for is dysgraphia. This means that the kid might have issues with writing and their handwriting can be unreadable or poor and it doesn’t improve. Here are some of the top things that you need to look out for in terms of this issue, such as:

  • Strong dislike of drawing and writing
  • Grammar issues
  • Problems writing down their ideas
  • Losing interest or energy when they start writing
  • Has trouble with writing down their thoughts in any logical sequence
  • Saying the words out loud at the same time as they are writing
  • Omitting or leaving words out when they are writing down sentences

This is a common issue and if you don’t know what it is, then you can’t watch out for it. The doctors would be able to help you with a treatment for this issue, so go ahead and take your kid in for a diagnosis for this learning difficulties and their symptoms for child.


The final problem that you need to know about in terms of learning difficulties and their symptoms for child is dyscalculia and this pertains to math. If your kid has issues with this subject, then you need to look out for a few issues like:

  • Issues describing any process in mathematics
  • Issues understanding the time process and sequence in any event
  • Troubles with logical sequences, including the steps in mathematical problems
  • Messiness in writing down the mathematical problems
  • Issues making change when it comes to cash based transactions
  • Problems with word problems in mathematical situations

This is a very common issue, so ensure that you are aware of the signs that might show up if your kid has this ailment.

Make sure that you are aware of what the most common learning difficulties and their symptoms for child are so you can be prepared. Dyslexia is one of them which affects the ability of your kid to be able to read properly. Also, there are issues with writing and even with mathematical abilities, so ensure that you know what the signs are so you can get the treatment started as quickly as possible if needed.

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