10 guaranteed tips which helps you to score high in PTE exam

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PTE exam is a bit of a challenge without proper preparation. If you think you can manage to wing it then you are wrong. It needs proper PTE practice. To prepare for the exam, there is a library of PTE study material available on the internet. During your PTE study, you should understand the exam format, types of tasks asked, the scoring process and allocation of time.

10 guaranteed tips which helps you to score high in PTE exam

Let us give you 10 tips that will help you to achieve your target score.
  1. Building the skills

There are 4 sections that tests your integrated skills. Before you take the PTE exam, you should build your reading, listening, speaking and writing skills. The tasks on the exam test one or more skills together. So your performance affects the score of more than one skill.

To build your reading skills, you should make a habit of reading news, articles, blogs and books. This will help you to improve your grammar and increase your vocabulary base. The PTE study material includes reading practice exercises. Take as many as you can.

Improve your listening skills by listening to podcasts, shows, and Youtube videos. This helps you to get familiar with the speaker”s accent.

Build your speaking skills by making a habit of talking to your friends and family in English. This improves your fluency, grammar usage and formation of sentences.

And lastly, improve your writing skills by practicing writing essays and summaries. Focus on sentence formation, use of correct grammar and vocabulary, and writing in a structured format.

  1. Take PTE mock test

One of the important parts of your PTE study material is PTE mock test. They familiarize you with the exam format. You get an idea of the type of questions asked and the time allocation. It gives you an idea of how much you will score on the actual PTE exam.

  1. Find your weaknesses

With the help of the PTE mock test, you can find your weaker areas. You should work on them to improve your score. Take the necessary steps to strengthen those skills.

  1. Make a habit of taking notes

You should make a habit of taking notes.  In the listening and speaking section, note down all the important points so you can answer the question accurately. Make sure you cover all the details while framing your response.

  1. Structure your response before writing it

You should make a rough structure of your response before writing it. This helps you to write responses in a proper format and maintain proper flow. Your content should be relevant to the topic so do not write something vague.

  1. Prepare to adjust in the test environment

Even though you have proper skills and knowledge, distraction can ruin your performance. If you are not prepared to give the exam with the background noise then you get distracted and panic. Include mock tests in your PTE study material and take them sitting in a public place.

  1. Learn to focus

Learn to stay focused. In listening section if you lose your focus then you will miss out on important points. So you should practice to stay calm and focused.

  1. In PTE Exam Manage time efficiently

Learn to manage your time so you can answer all the questions in the given time frame. You should rather not get stuck on something for too long or you will not be able to tackle all the tasks in the time limit.

  1. Avoid typos, spelling errors and adding unnecessary articles

You should always check your response after writing it so that you avoid making any typo or spelling errors or you will mess your score. You should also avoid adding articles where they are not needed.

  1. Improve tone and intonation 

You should speak your responses with proper intonation. Stress on the important words and pause at proper places. You should also raise and drop your tone at proper times. Fluency will help you to get a good score so include speaking exercises in your PTE study material.

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