Long Drill Bits Know How to Make the Best Use of This Tool

Drill bit long series are the drills that have a longer drilling bit for drilling deeper holes through cavities. They are also the perfect drilling tools for drilling through thin materials. They are invaluable for drilling holes in tight spaces and drilling through wood or other metals in both smaller and deeper cavities. Now, not all drill bits in the long series have the same properties or even the same uses. You can find various types and sizes or even textures of long series drill bits for drilling holes through specific materials. It could be that the strongest drill bit is not ideal for a certain type of application.

Finding Out What Materials Are the Long Series Drill Bits Made Up Of..

  1. Steel

This is by far the most commonly used material for making long-series drill bits. Three different types of steel are used for manufacturing the drill bits. These are:

  • Soft low carbon steel
  • High carbon steel and
  • High-speed steel

The ones made out of soft carbon steel are fairly cheap. The only way of using them is on softwoods. The use of drilling holes on hardwood can make them dull and imperfect for drilling holes.

High carbon variations add to the strength and durability of the soft carbon drill bit long series variants. But the only problem is that they would overheat if used extensively on harder woods or even high-density metals for drilling holes.

  1. Cobalt alloy drill bits

The cobalt alloy drill bits long series are generally sturdier and stronger. They can even have higher heat resistance and work for longer hours at a stretch. Adding cobalt also retains the shine of the drill bit.

These are mostly used for drilling holes through stronger materials such as stainless steel. But the only problem with these long series drill bits is that it also makes them brittle and may even break under high-pressure drilling situations.

  1. Tungsten carbide

Tungsten carbide alloy makes a drill bit long series even stronger and is one of the hardest drill bits found these days. But the problem is that it can make them more brittle as well. These are especially design to cut through rocks or shatter them into usable pieces. These are popularly known to be stronger than regular metal drills. They can easily cut wood and not get damaged for a long time. The durability make is more intense and are used for PVC fibre cutting as well.

Coatings Used on The Long Drill Bits

The drill bit long series also has a special type of coating done on the drill. The two common coatings used in the drill bits are as follows:

  • Black Oxide

This is a coating material that is inexpensive and is designed to provide more lubrication, and adding to heat resistivity properties, or even delay oxidation of the material. High-speed steel gets over this shortcoming and has higher heat durability. For heavy-grade industrial purpose use, high-speed black oxide steel is the best type of drill bit.

  • Titanium Nitride

This type of coating is done on the twist drill bits which are a special type of drill bit long series. This coating provides a harder tip for the drill bits and vastly increases their lifespan. In general, a drill bit coated with titanium nitride can last more than three times longer than a drill bit coated with black oxide.

These are also known as impact duty drill bits. It is a drill bit long series with a variable helix for faster removal of material. It also has great durability and heat resistivity capabilities. Comparing you will have to consider their application for categorizing them. Such as you need to compare the strength of the material and drilling efficiency of two long drill bits both of which are only used for drilling holes across wood or metal. You must research well before you make any purchase.

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