Fall Protection Equipment Inspection – A Strategically Safe Workplace

Before every use of equipment, there’s a necessity of conducting visual inspections and recertification. The number of times recertification and inspections is based upon the environment of the safety system and the frequency of use. The fall protection systems are extremely essential for all high altitude construction works and harness, anchorage and connectors are some of the things that are checked during any fall protection system inspection.

Usually, the inspection takes place under the supervision of a well-skilled person should.

Important Elements Associated with the Inspection Reports

  • Availability of a complete thorough inspection of the constructional link of the equipment as well as the system
  • Confirmation about the flawless running of the system along with the scrutiny of the overall units
  • A pull testing taking into consideration  the recommendations of the builders as well as the manufacturers
  • Through checks for the shock absorbent
  • Maintenance of the longevity of the cables, inspection and repair of the break. Besides, the inspection reports also deliver status of the tangling, and worn out cables
  • Tension cables, wires, rope conditions and also deceleration device should be checked at regular intervals.

Essential Notes:

Every PPE item must be supportive of the another. The manufacturer is the responsible person for a selection of the particular combination of PPE. This inspection and testing happen according to the guidelines of the Australian Standards, legislation and original manufacturers. Besides, it also takes into consideration the practice codes.

The list of things that fall under inspection and testing are guard rails, static lines, anchor points, steps and ladder systems.

The Entities involved in the Inspection Process

You will get the visual fall protection equipment inspection of the parts including ropes, harnesses, and lanyards. There is an inspection in terms of force load testing. The inspection procedure includes identification of the non-compliant and compliant issues. The inspectors conduct a rigorous check on the safety equipment.

There is also a fall protection equipment inspection for ensuring the health and safety of the workers. It is mandatory to conduct an inspection at the worksite. Besides, they also yield information about the condition of the safety equipment at the workplace.

Getting the opinion and assessment from fall protection equipment inspection teams related to the height safety equipment becomes a mandatory aspect of your workplace. The Inspector gives valuable information related to performance checks.

Often we fall in the dilemma of assuming that the older product loses their durability in the long run, yet we don’t have solid proof for that. Only the fall protection equipment inspection Inspector has good knowledge about identifying the safety risk and concerns associated with this equipment. So, it’s essential always to stay up to date regarding the safety equipment you are having at your workplace.

Why Consider Professional Fall Protection Equipment Inspection?

During the fall protection inspection, you will get the appropriate tag for the equipment that will mention the safety register. Besides, the professional team will hand you a hard copy of the data for the equipment. When you have the few items for inspection, you can arrange for the small team who will conduct an inspection for your safety equipment. But, if you have larger orders, it’s essential to call the entire team of experts for verifying the longevity and safety of your equipment. Besides, the professional team will serve with professionalism and flexibility.

If you haven’t yet conducted the fall protection equipment inspection, it’s time for you to conduct one. Only when your workplace is examined for the safety standards, you can rest assured about the flexibility in the entire working pattern. The right fall arrest system helps an individual to go through different level of fall arrest systems like single level fall, swing fall and falls to a lower level.

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