Warning Signs indicating Your Car is not Safe to Drive

A car in your possession means great responsibility. It does not only mean to drive carefully keeping the safety of yourself and family in mind but, having your car in a good condition to drive is the other criteria.

If the functioning of your car is a bit faulty. You not only put the lives of pedestrians and other vehicles along the road in jeopardy but, will have the traffic police tailing you down to pay a fine for not abiding by the traffic rules.

Let’s Help You by Chalking Down a Few Points You Need to Look into Before Driving Off and Having a Hassle-Free Outing.

  • Flat Tyres

    If you find that the tyres of your car run flat very often, it’s an indication that you are having perforated tyres which need to be attended to at your earliest.

    A quick and timely repair or replacement of your tyres would be better than worsening the situation by your delay in attending to the damaged tyres.
  • Defective Lights

    Always make sure the headlights of your car, indicators, hazard warning lights, and brake lights are in good condition and functioning well. The lights of your car are a very important feature to ensure the safety of other pedestrians and drivers along the road.

    If you do decide to venture out when the lights of your car are malfunctioning, you will be in danger yourself, as the police will be hailing you down to hand you a ticket for faulty lights.
  • Broken Windscreen

    If you do notice that your vehicle has a cracked windscreen, it would be wise to not drive it. Small chips can turn into big cracks which may not be repairable, causing more expenditure. But most importantly, driving with a cracked windscreen could be fatal if you have an accident. So get it fixed at the earliest!
  • Flashing Dashboard Lights

    Take the trouble to read up what each light on the dashboard indicates and which light has to light up while driving. If you do notice some light flashing get in touch with our nearest service centres and our efficient professionals will check it out.

  • If Your Car Starts to Malfunction

    While driving if you notice some abnormal behaviour of your car. This may be due to various reasons. Maybe you have punctured tyres, or an oil spill, or a tyre has come loose, or the suspension of your car has broken.

    Drive carefully to the side of the road and call us if you do not know what to do. But there will be no reason to worry if it’s just the tyres of your car handling the ice on the road, or the rough road itself.

  • Emitting Smoke

    There is a problem if you notice unusual smoke coming from under the hood or from the tailpipe of your car. This indicates the engine of your car is faulty. A black coloured smoke indicated that the engine is using excessive gas. White smoke indicates that your engine is getting overheated. This calls for immediate action and you driving with this issue will only worsen the damage.

  • Unpleasant Sounds

    The car never makes a lot of noise when driven. But there could be a number of reasons when you hear unusual sounds like grinding, clicking, or a drop in the transmission is your indication that you need to get professional help.

  • Oil Spill

    Once in a while, it’s natural for you to spot a few stray drops of oil dropping. If these drops turn into big spills, that becomes a point for major concern and immediate action. Something is definitely wrong and has to be attended to at the earliest.

In a nutshell, if you notice any of the above signs, it would be best to contact an expert at the earliest! We at A1 Windscreens, Melbourne, Australia would like to recommend our highly qualified team of mechanics and experts to aid you in repairing or replacing the chip or crack on your vehicle at a reasonable price and without hindering your schedule.

About the Author:

Darren Pay and Justin Oakes are co-owners of A1 Windscreens in Melbourne, Australia that is well-known for providing the best windscreen crack repair and side window replacement services in Melbourne, Australia.

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