Can I Cash My Damaged Car During Lockdown

Can I Cash My Damaged Car During Lockdown

By remaining safe at home and restricting social contact, we are on the whole doing our bit to guarantee the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is managed as fast as could be expected under the circumstances.

For us all, it’s implied changing quickly to various methods for living and working. Like you, our principle need at Scrap Car Comparison is the wellbeing and prosperity of our clients and colleagues.

As we handle this difficult time together, we need to guarantee you that we are just getting started and working securely under the administration’s present direction. We are likewise watching out for any progressions to legitimate exhortation with the goal that we can additionally adjust our administrations the second it is required.

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Along these lines, on the off chance that you’ve pondered whether you can scrap your vehicle during the COVID-19 lockdown, the appropriate response is yes. Here we clarify how our no contact scrap vehicle administration works.

Would it be a good idea for me to scrap my vehicle during a lockdown?

If you have a vehicle that requirements rejecting, there’s no compelling reason to hold up until after the social separating rules have been lifted. We can scrap it securely and safely through our no contact administration, so you can receive the rewards of rejecting your vehicle now, instead of later.

All things considered, the assets you get for your piece vehicle might be a higher priority than any time in recent memory at present. Rejecting your vehicle will mean getting a good deal on burdening and guaranteeing it.

These costs despite everything should be paid regardless of whether it your vehicle does not run anymore or if you are not utilizing it, except if you announce it as off the street with a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN).

Furthermore, rejecting your vehicle will likewise mean you no longer need to enlist your vehicle with a SORN either. Indeed, you won’t have to consider how to manage it by any means.

Rather, you’ll have the genuine feelings of serenity that your vehicle will be managed expertly get one of our completely considered and confided in purchasers.

A no-contact assortment administration for scrap vehicles

We have consistently strived to make our piece vehicle administration as simple and advantageous for our clients as could be expected under the circumstances, and our severe no contact administration is the same.

When you have acknowledged a statement for your vehicle, your picked purchaser will get in touch with you to organize a reasonable time for them to come and get it from you.

The entirety of our authority purchasers are trusted and affirmed by us and are working all assortments with carefully no contact and by social separating direction.

The assortment of your piece vehicle is the main individual to individual association fundamental during our procedure; the rest is done on the web or via telephone.

How might I scrap my vehicle during a lockdown?

If you need to scrap your vehicle during the COVID-19 lockdown, following our basic and clear advances.

  1. Produce A Statement

We have a system of confided in scrap vehicle purchasers from everywhere throughout the nation, and with our Scrap Car Value Calculator, you can get the best statements for your vehicle in a flash.

Essentially enter your vehicle’s enrollment number and your postcode and we will look through our system of neighbourhood purchasers to give you the best statement. Keep in mind, each statement incorporates free, no contact assortment of your vehicle at once to suit you.

  1. Affirm Your Booking

When you have picked and acknowledged a statement, a colleague at Scrap Car Comparison will consider you to affirm your booking and answer any inquiries you have.

On the off chance that you’re content with all the fixings, we will at that point give your contact subtleties to your picked purchaser so they can orchestrate assortment.

  1. Your vehicle is gathered and you get an installment

Your purchaser will call you to set an advantageous time and date for them to get your vehicle, with a conveyance window for the picked day. The assortment will be no contact under current social removing rules.

Ensure you have your vehicle’s keys, V5c, proprietor’s manual, administration history and receipts on the assortment day, you can put these a good ways off for your purchaser to get so you don’t need to come surprisingly close to one another.

Your purchaser will confirm your character and do a few checks of your vehicle, just to guarantee it is in the condition you portrayed at the citation stage.

They will at that point load your vehicle on to the recuperation truck and sign segment 9 of your V5c – this is the area to be rounded out when you are offering the vehicle to an engine dealer, guarantor or dismantler.

When your vehicle has been effectively gathered, you’ll get instalment through moment bank move.

What’s more, that is it! In this way, don’t pause, secure the additional cash you need now and scrap your vehicle with us – securely, safely and bother free.

Find out about our scrap vehicle process in more detail, or get a statement for your vehicle now.

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