Why Your Diet is Not Enough

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Have you been trying out various diets and still not losing weight?? Well, the reason could be your faulty diet. So, check from the list below, if you have been making any of these mistakes in your diet

  1. Less calories intake – That’s right. Human bodies need minimum calorie intake to be in a healthy working condition. If you happen to consume less than 1200 calories in a day, chances are your body, instead of using the energy is storing it as fat to compensate for low food intake. So, choose healthy foods and keep your calorie intake to minimum 1200/calories for healthy weight loss
  2. De-hydration – Proper water intake is also as crucial as having proper food intake. Hydrated body helps in better absorption of nutrients from food. Also, sometimes you feel hungry when in reality your body needs water. Thus, frequent water intake will keep false hunger pangs at bay. This in turn will help you avoid excess eating
  3. Hormones – Your hormones play an important role in weight loss. If you observe that you are doing everything right yet not losing weight, check for hormonal imbalance. Get it treated and you will see your efforts paying off.
  4. Imbalanced diet – If you are focusing or eliminating certain food groups, chances are your body is not getting enough nutrients. It is advisable to eat balanced meal including all food groups. This will make your journey more healthy, realistic and enjoyable
  5. Crash / Fad diet – Like individuals, their bodies are also different. So, the latest diet trend may work for some and may not work for others. Also, crash or fad diets are short-term effective. That is, you lose weight in short period, but the minute you go off your diet, you gain back what you lost. The correct way, instead is to know your body and plan your food intake accordingly.
  6. Lack of physical activities – Though 80% of weight loss is what you eat, 20% is your physical activities. Only diet or only exercise will not help you attain your ideal weight even if you put in all your efforts. The better way is to combine both – Physical activity along with balanced meals.
  7. Duration of diet – Duration of diet also plays key role in getting the results. Too short or too long duration will not help you reach your ideal weight. The reason is simple, our body is very adjustable so if you follow a plan for too long, the body will adjust itself to diet and stop burring excess calories. On the other hand if you follow a diet for short duration, you might not be giving enough time to your body to adjust with new diet to give you any visible results.
  8. Diet foods – Sometimes little bite here and little bite there ends up as huge meal by end of the day. Therefore, it is necessary to calculate how much you eat in a day. Also, if you have been consuming diet colas or artificial sweeteners than they could be the reason you are unable to lose weight. Thinking it is diet food and therefore healthy, you may be consuming high quantity of colas or sweeteners and unknowingly adding calories to your meals.
  9. Cheat meals – Another reason you may be failing at your diet is cheat meals. Though cheat meals is an accepted norm, frequent cheat meals may have negative effect. If you have frequent cheat meals or do not observe portion control of your cheat meal, then you might be negating the effect of your diet in a single meal. So, enjoy your cheat meals occasionally and maintain portion control to keep moving forward in your weight loss journey.
  10. Stress – If you are stressed all the time, chances are your diets will not work. Healthy body needs a healthy mind and more stress you take, more hindrance you create in your weight loss journey. So, if you have stressful job or you get stressed easily, find a way to combat stress through meditation or breathing exercises to see the results of your weight loss journey


So, to get the best out of your diets, keep meal journal, avoid diet colas and artificial sweeteners, understand your need and follow a diet that meets your body requirements. And, above all rather than focusing only on weight loss, focus on cultivating a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle incorporates balanced meals, proper hydration, physical activity and also the mental health.

Thus, even though initially you may not lose much weight while following the healthy lifestyle, it definitely is the only way for sustainable weight loss and to keep away the excess weight for a lifetime.

Therefore, chose wisely and keep giving your best and you will get your ideal body weight without abstaining your bodies of necessary nutrients as well as depriving yourself of your favourite food.