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If you are technology buff, you might already know these amazing DIY ideas.

However, if you are not technically inclined, you may read on to know some amazing DIY ideas that can be useful in day-to-day life.

Extend-the-life-of-printer-ink-cartridges1. Extend-the-life-of-printer-ink-cartridges

With new projects every week, printers have become a necessity than a luxury. And, the cartridges get over even before you say the word cartridge. If you use a printer regularly, then this heck is definitely for you. The empty cartridge may not be actually empty and you can fully utilize the cartridge by resetting its memory. It is a very simple way, all you have to do is look for a pinhole reset button and press it. And your cartridge is ready for more use. Of course, the reset method may differ from brand to brand, and you may have to look for methods depending on the brand.

Homemade smart phone projector2. Homemade smart phone projector

This is a perfect idea for all movie buffs. Turn your smart phone into a projector in a matter of minutes with readily available items. All you need is a shoebox, magnifying glass, scissors, pencil, glue, u-pin and of course your smart phone.
All you need to do is, cut the side of the shoebox to fit the magnifying glass. Attach the glass with tape and secure it. Open up the U-pin to make a phone holder. Now place the phone on the stand and turn the screen to the right. Select a plain surface for projection, and begin the movie. Enjoy your homemade theatre!

Remote Shutter trigger for a digital camera3. Remote Shutter trigger for a digital camera

You can now take a selfie without running helter skelter from your digital camera. All you need is a hands-free headset with a volume controller. Ensure that the button is around 8 inches below year piece with a pin that fits the camera. Now, remove the earpiece. Open the electronic housing where you will find 3 wires one connecting to the microphone, one to plug and third one to the ear piece. Cut the wire leading to earpiece and check. If the trick doesn’t work, remove the microphone and it should work. Now secure all wires and close the lid. And click away with your remote shutter trigger.

PVC pipe clock4. PVC pipe clock

Time is of the essence. So, why not use your time in making this wonderful PVC pipe clock and keep moving forward in your life? All you need is a glass clock, PVC pipe, cardboard, spray paint electrical tape, AA batteries, and a holder, double-sided foam tape. You will also need Scissors, marker and rubbing alcohol and a knife.

  • 1) To begin, remove the plastic cover from the clock and attach the tape. Fit it into the PVC pipe.
  • 2) Now cut two same size circles from the cardboard. Make sure they fit inside the pipe. Then spray paint 1 cutout and cut U shape tab in another.
  • 3) Now find the negative and positive wires and solder them to the battery holder.
  • 4) Now put a whole through spray painted circle and attach it with double sided foam tape. Now mount the hands and put everything together.
  • 5) And in the last step, put the clock inside the pipe, adjust the time, and push the bottom cover for a snug fit.

And your PVC pipe clock is ready to tick away!

Build a wooden hard drive enclosure5. Build a wooden hard drive enclosure

If you are tired of same looking hard drive enclosure, check out the cool wooden enclosure. You will need a hard drive, a wooden plank, wood cutter , driller, glue and To begin, open up the hard drive and remove the external enclosure. Then measure the size and cut out a wooden piece to fit the drive. Ensure correct measurement to avoid frustration at a later stage.

Remove the interior wood to make a box of it and drill holes on the side to fit the USB and LED lights. Fix the drive and the pull through the whole the USB and LED wires.

Now take a ply cut out and colour it if you wish. Glue it on the wooden cutout and let it dry. And to you are good to go. Though time consuming and a tricky DIY, once you accomplish it you can enjoy the thrill of being different and cool with your wooden hard drive.

So, hope you try these amazing technology ideas. The detailed instructions and videos are available online for better understanding. Also, the write up is compilation of various articles existing on net and therefore the credit is duly given to the original writers.