Travertine Tiles Vs. Marble Tiles – Which One Is Best For You?

Home Home Maintenance Travertine Tiles Vs. Marble Tiles – Which One Is Best For You?

Natural stone is very popular and has been in use for centuries. There are many reasons why natural stone tiles are preferred for flooring. The fact that every piece of natural stone tends to be unique, mainly due to the fact that it is formed naturally and is a mix of several elements gives a unique touch to your floor. In Melbourne, travertine tiles and its usage is a prime example of this.

There are many different natural stones like Marble, Granite, travertine, etc. Some of them are porous and require sealing agents as well. They can be polished however some of them tend to be brittle and chip very easily. Thus, it is a good practice to do some research on the properties of the tiles prior to making your decision. This article is a good guide to help select natural stone tiles in Melbourne when the choices are either marble or travertine tiles.

What are Marble Tiles?

Marble too is a natural stone and is formed in a similar method like travertine. It is formed from sedimentary limestone that is usually present close to natural springs. The creation process includes limestone undergoing metamorphosis and the stone re-crystallizing to become harder and clearer. It also undergoes heat and high pressure.  Since this is a natural stone, Marble also consists of plenty of impurities which also the cause for its unique look. Each stone appears to be different with a unique impression of veins and tends to exhibit many different shades and hues of colour. The most common colour for marble is pure while however, it is also available in other colours like grey, black, and shades of red, yellow & pink. This has a smooth and shiny finish once it has been polished.

What are Travertine Tiles?

The travertine tiles are very durable and attractive which is one of the main reasons why it is so popular. It consists of limestone and several other minerals that are formed due to heat and high pressure that is naturally applied. One of the other reasons why it is so popular is that is available in many different colours like tan, gold, ivory, several shades of white, reddish-brown and many more. The travertine tiles in Melbourne are popular for its unique look which is a result of random impurities, minerals and varying degrees of iron content. This is available in many different types of finishes like honed, polished, brushed, tumbled, acid washing for a luxurious look or a worn-out look, etc.

Which one is best for you?

Both Marble and Travertine have their pros & cons and the one you select will depend a great deal on personal preferences. There are several factors to consider when picking the right one for you as listed here:

  • Strength: Both Marble and Travertine are naturally hard and strong, but marble happens to be harder. In terms of durability, both of them can last a lifetime with appropriate care and maintenance.
  • Finishing: The polishing & finishing or marble is more expensive. Travertine has more options when it comes to customizing the look and feel.
  • Application: Marble & Travertine can both be used as tiles in various rooms in the house. Marble is popular for countertops as well since they retain less dirt on the surface and do not stain easily. Travertine tiles are also popular for many sections of the house similar to Marble tiles. They are also useful for mantelpiece stone, kitchen splashback, feature walls, etc. Travertine tiles can also be used for outdoor use in driveways and garden paths.
  • Risks: Marble tiles will usually be polished and hence quite slippery when moist. Travertine on the other is softer and more porous and hence provides greater fiction.
  • Maintenance: Both types of tiles require similar maintenance and require applying sealant by professional on a periodic basis.
  • Cost: Marble is comparatively more expensive compared to Travertine tiles.


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