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Croatia is well-known for its attractive coasts and beaches alongside unspoiled nature. Croatia of late has become one of the most famous destinations in the world, especially during the summer. Croatia is one of the European countries with environmentally friendly and outstanding destinations visitors can explore. Croatia is the home of some of the oldest cities around the globe such as Stari Grad making it rich in history.

Croatia is perfectly suited for every visitor regardless of the age and gender since there are numerous things you can do or explore while on your tour to this great country. Here are the most amazing destinations in Croatia:


Dubrovnik has been one of the favorite tourist destinations for quite some time. Most of the travelers touring Croatia make their first stop in this city to explore its walls, gates as well as towers. Also, numerous cruise ships make their stop in Dubrovnik as most routes connecting to the Mediterranean Sea are found here. Croatia sailing is the best way to explore these various destinations and enjoy the sea to the fullest.

Visitors are attracted to its massive stone walls dated back to the 10th century which surrounds this ancient town alongside a walkway estimated to be 1.2 miles. Besides stone walls, there are numerous things to explore such as UNESCO church towers, cobblestone lanes, terracotta roofs amongst others. The best way to explore Dubrovnik is to walk along its narrow pedestrian lanes and you’ll discover its numerous treasures that are not overlooked such as romantic patio café, flower-filled courtyard among others.


It is the capital city of Croatia. Visitors used to overlook this great city in favor of beaches and the seaside towns alongside the Adriatic coast. Zagreb is an amazing destination with numerous attractive sights such as vibrant street art, socialist-era building, galleries, hidden courtyards and plenty of museums.

While on your trip to Zagreb remember to visit the Zagreb City Museum, medieval Stone Gate, and not forgetting the famous Museum of Broken Relationships. Some of the must-do things include window shopping, sampling a craft beer in any of the trendy bars, and touring the Sunday flea market.

Zagreb is also the place to be if you are into alternative style of living. While the city looks like a typicial European capital with its old buildings and rich history, the soul of the city is very modern and is very popular with the young crowds. It’s definitely a place you want to be if you are living in or visiting Croatia.


Split is not only one of the most amazing destinations in Croatia but also the second-largest city after Zagreb. This is attributed to its closeness to the Dalmatian coast and its well-maintained Diocletian’s Palace that is everywhere in Split.

Split has numerous ancient buildings such as churches, museums, chapels, cafes and even trinket shops that you should set aside time to tour and explore them.


It is situated on the northern Dalmatian Coast, and it’s one of the most amazing destinations in Croatia. Apart from being rich in history, it has numerous beaches and attractions such as Sea Organ which visitors are eager to explore. Zadar is also one of the quiter cities in Croatia so you should visit this city if you just want to relax and have a stress free vacation. Zadar is also great for family vacations.


Hvar is one of the most famous islands in Croatia in terms of sunbathes and oenophiles. Besides this, it is known for its lush vineyards, sunny beaches, and lavender fields. It also comprises of marble stone streets and features a striking city center alongside Gothic palaces. Also Hvar is very much known in Croatia as the “party island” where all summer long there are beach, foam and pool parties plus all the most famous DJ’s from all around the world come to Hvar and host amazing concerts.

If you’re planning to visit Croatia, consider touring the discussed above destinations.

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