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If you want to visit some of the most desirable places on the planet, you definitely can’t forget what Europe has to offer. Indeed, there are many cities on the continent that are highly regarded for their art, architecture, and more. Read on for a look at the 7 most beautiful cities in Europe.

1. Split, Croatia

If you like to hit the pavement and explore Split, check out Veli Varos. You’ll be able to see quaint cafes and traditional stone architecture. You’ll also want to check out Diocletian’s Palace, which was erected in 305 AD for Diocletian, the then Roman Emperor. The Croatia property is now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s also a good idea to, among other interesting things, check out the Old Town. This area is made up of a network of streets and lanes.

Split is also known to be one of the most beautiful cities in Croatia which is not a small task by any means. The beauty of this city is very much talked about and sought out by visitors who travel here each and every summer because they fall in love with the town. This is one of many reasons why in regards to Croatia property, Split is in the highest demand of it by visitors and tourists.

2. Bruges, Belgium

While not as well known as Brussells, Bruges makes up for the lack of name recognition with a picturesque environment that tantalizes the senses. Do you like medieval buildings and cobbled roadways? You can get a whole lot of both in Bruges. One way you can explore this historic city is via a boat ride in the canals,

3. Budapest, Hungary

Another beautiful city in Europe is Budapest, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you’re into history and architecture, you’ll find that

there’s plenty to like about the city. While there, check out Gellért Baths. This bath and spa center features a swimming pool, open-air pool, Finnish

sauna, and more. You can also put on some walking shoes and check out the Liberty Statue, the Fisherman’s Bastion, the Buda Castle, and more.

4. Venice, Italy

Venice isn’t only one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, it’s also one of the best-known cities in the world. Tourists flock to the historic city to take in the architecture, canals, and restaurants. It should be noted that Venice, which is composed of 100+ little islands in the Adriatic Sea, has no roads.

That’s right. It has canals but no roads. You can visit St. Mark’s Square, sightsee and people-watch from the Rialto Bridge, and enjoy a ride in a gondola. Venice is also a very romantic place so if you are looking to take your better half to a weekend getaway or a nice trip, this city is definitely the place to go.

5. Copenhagen, Denmark

With its green spaces, museums, and historic sites, Copenhagen is a beautiful city worth visiting. Be sure to stop by Amalienborg Palace. which is the residence for the country’s royal family. You can also check out the Rosenborg Castle, Christiansborg Palace, and more.

6. Istanbul, Turkey

Because of Istanbul’s proximity to Asia and Europe, the city is a smorgasbord of cultures. You can walk along the Bosphorus natural strait and take in the architecture, the places of worship like mosques, and more. Specifically, look for the Hagia Sophia cathedral built in 537 AD, the Grand Bazaar for some shopping, and the Eminonu Square to do some people-watching.

7. Vienna, Austria

Vienna is a great city to visit if you want to check out one of Europe’s most beautiful regions. Check out Schloss Schönbrunn, one of the city’s most popular sites. It was previously the imperial summer residence. Another place to visit is the Belvedere Palace, which is now home to sterreichische Galerie, a gallery that showcases collections from Klimt and Kokoschka.

While there are lots of candidates for beautiful cities across Europe, the aforementioned 7 are a great place to start So if you’re looking for vacation ideas and fancy visiting Europe, consider these destinations.

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