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Heard About The New Event Planner In Town?

Genie Events is a young start up, event management company based in South East Melbourne. We offer event coordination and event styling services with the attention and care to accommodate the client’s vision. From planning weddings and bridal showers, to birthday parties and baby showers, surprise parties and product launches, we cater to all suburbs of Melbourne by providing our various services to a spectrum of clients.


If you take wedding planning for example, the bride and groom are going to be very picky and extra careful with all the details, the whole lot, so that their idea of the perfect fairytale wedding comes alive. Make it a dream wedding not only you can look back into, but also so that the guests will remember and say “wow their wedding was so beautiful and so special. I want my wedding to be like that too” or “it was a wonderful ceremony. The food was delicious, I wonder where they ordered from” or “I can’t believe she had those Calla Lilies for her bouquet. It fit her so well. Everything was so personalized.”  These nightmare details are what we handle and we love doing it!

Baby Showers

What about what comes after marriage?  Mini you and a mini him/her, genes all squashed up into a tiny baby. Pregnancy is a sacred journey that needs to be celebrated with joy and lots of love. Typically a baby shower is done by family members or friends, but if you want to throw your own, we support you all the way! However we can take that off your hands, all the stressful ingredients to make a sensational outcome. These include selecting the venue, determining a budget, choosing a theme: minimalistic or lush and luxurious, and finalizing the guest list of who you’d like to attend and all those you would like to exclude, like that awful Karen who is a rumormonger. You can decide all of this at the comfort of your home, while we do the heavy lifting and plan exactly what you want.

Birthday Parties

Let’s assume that your son is now 6 years old and he’s getting older and older, too fast for your liking. Every birthday should be treasured wholeheartedly as time flies by without you even noticing. His liking for rockets and all things space, celebrate his birthday with a ‘out of this world’ space themed party with the biggest planet cake ever! If your daughter has an obsession with Disney and her favorite character is Ariel from ‘The Little Mermaid’, make her party out to be ‘Disney characters’, have everybody dress up and set up the cutest food table with mini cupcakes and her specially baked cake filled with her favorite characters including: Sebastian, Scuttle, Ursula and who could forget our handsome Prince Eric. Catering done just for you and your little one to make a successful and eventful birthday party!

Product Launches

On the other hand, a company’s baby is their business. A newly start up business may want to introduce their new product to the market. Thus a product launch event is the ideal way to go. This launching event gives your attendees the opportunity to explore what the product is and get acquainted with it. There are several aspects needed to be taken into consideration to make it a success, such as choosing an appropriate, noteworthy theme, venue, timing and even the entertainment to engage the audience. All these aspects will be covered by the capable hands of Genie events that will ensure a smooth running of the event and make attendees so impressed that they become an advocate for your product as you launch into the market.

meeting your standards

All in all, it’s safe to say that it’s time to put your faith in Genie Events and trust us to do the job! We love event planning, using our creative team who has a diverse skill set, the passion and enthusiasm to achieve the client’s objectives. It is our specialty and can be a breeze, only if you let it. So the question is, ‘will you let it?’

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