Top 4 Tricks Your Mechanic Will Not Tell You And How To Use Them In Future

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To get through daily life without getting conned or ripped off is a difficult task in today’s world. Having an optimistic opinion and seeing the good in people is one thing, being foolish and falling for money doing tricks is another.

Mechanics, for example, have many cool tricks up their sleeves to make extra money from customers and con them when they bring them cars to the mechanic’s shop.

The following are some of the examples of shady mechanic tricks and ways for customers to avoid these tricks:

Shady Mechanic Tricks:

  • Basic Knowledge of Cars

It is effortless to con or trick a car owner who does not know cars. Car mechanics may lie to car owners and make them believe that many parts of the vehicle are not functioning well and need to be changed.

It may not be true, and the problem may be minor and involving just one or two parts.

Keeping the car in the shop for multiple days and then charging a hefty fee is a standard trick used by mechanics.

It is essential to know about car parts, the basic functioning of the car and car functioning of the car parts like engines to know the exact problem with the car.

  • Price of New Parts

There are two types of car parts that are available in the market. There are genuine car parts from authorised dealers and reputed car parts manufacturers and duplicate elements that are available in the market.

Mechanics sometimes try and sell new parts at overpriced rates or sell duplicate parts as genuine for a high price. It is a good idea to go with the mechanic to the car parts shop and buy the new pieces that which your car needs.

It will protect the customer from getting ripped off by mechanics that sell old or duplicate parts as new or overcharge for new pieces.

  • Old Parts Shady Tricks

If people do not know cars, sometimes the mechanics tell car owners that the parts need to be changed when there is no such need.

Cars are such technical products that the car owners are none the wiser whether the mechanics have changed car parts.

Sometimes shady mechanics take an outright car part from the car and put old pieces into the car so that they can sell correct elements from the car and make the vehicle far more susceptible to repairs.

The best way to be able to deal with your problem is to ask the mechanic to give the car owners the old parts back that they have replaced with new parts.

  • Only Choose Known Mechanic with Referrals

Unknown mechanic shops are more likely to rip off or con new customers. It is always a good idea to go to a mechanic that has good reviews and referrals.

For good referrals mechanics have to work honestly and so choosing a mechanic referred by friends and family will save people from being ripped off.

A mechanic will con an unknown customer who comes without a referral more often than somebody connected to the local community.

So, I hope now you are aware of how to repair your car and save your trip to the mechanic.

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