Varsity As More Than Just The Name: Representation Through TV Shows And Fashion

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Since last fall, the term ‘Varsity’ has become much more than it was before. Until then, Varsity was often used for the representation of college jocks and cheerleaders, to show a world different than the usual boring college life. Adapted by TV shows, Movies, Music videos, and every possible creative field, the term varsity is often used to show the cliched jock romance.

Even though a major part of the trend concentrates on the beauty of the university apparel itself, through the representation of stylized varsity jackets, it all ranges from the wide spectrum of T-shirts, Jerseys and Cheerleaders outfits. The clothing is used to make you feel united, and as if you are a part of something; be it a club, a school, or even a business.

‘Varsity’ has a sense of homeliness attached to it. Whether it be the nostalgia of the football team back home or the group of friends you were with back in university, Varsity is a reminder of who you were and who you always will be.

Many students in college opt for customizable jackets and jumpers to represent their respective clubs. Uniformity usually helps progress in ways unlike others and creates a common ground to work on. Custom Varsity Apparel has exclusive customizable Year 12 Jumpers for students who might be in their last year of college, or are looking for a piece of memory from their school days. With a sentiment of nostalgia involved, Custom Varsity Apparel offers handmade products which are another reason that makes it even more special than it already is.

The theme of Varsity is often used on the runway to live up to the title of sports and cheerleaders; it has become a term that is used for the representation of a fashion trend. While the design of the varsity jacket itself has become a fashion statement, let’s talk about a small detail we often miss out on the letterhead.

While the comfort of a varsity jacket is what gives it the eye of everyone that sees it, the letterhead is a sign of accomplishment and achievement that truly distinguishes one from the rest. Several fashion brands adapted to this ideology by attaching logos of their own brands to make them customizable as well as fashion-friendly.

The value of an actual University-assigned letterhead jacket will never grow old, but it never hurts to keep up with the trends while you’re at it. You can even wear both! Or just customize your own. Custom Varsity Apparel offers services all through Australia and New Zealand, so it’s not something you should waste too much time thinking about and just go for it.

Although jackets might be the actual hero of the show, they’re not fit for wearing all-year-round. You can substitute them with satin jackets, but they don’t hold the same merit of an actual Varsity jacket. Fashion bloggers and brands recognize this as well, and although satin jackets and Taslan jackets are often used as a replacement, T-shirts are the best for this situation.

Hand embroidered T-shirts logos with a comfortable cotton fitting are perfect to keep you cool and in fashion. Other brands offer this design by using the stripes of a varsity jacket on a cotton t-shirt to still emphasize the idea of Varsity. Wholesale T-shirts in Australia can be bought from Custom Varsity Apparel for bulk buying comfortable products.

Don’t be sad over who you used to be or who you could be, Just be!