Chengdu: Why it is the next hottest destination in China?

The country of China is huge and over the years has managed to become one of the well-known global powers. This country has opened up its borders to allow tourists from all parts of the world to visit different interesting places. Millions of tourists visit China throughout the year for various purposes. There are several cities here that are quite inviting like Shanghai, Beijing, Xi’an, etc. But the one that is making headlines is Chengdu tourism.

About Chengdu

This place is considered to be the home to the Ursidae family. The city is popular for its eclectic cityscape, spicy cuisine and interesting places, all present within a day-trip’s distance. This city boasts of having a population of about 14 million and has a laid-back approach. When compared other ubiquitous Chinese cities, Chengdu seems to feel somewhat different. Very few people speak in the English language and the air is filled with the constant haze. People seem to be quite relaxed here. The rustling gingko leaves and tall buildings are sure to draw your attention.

Chengdu tour

Hidden monasteries

You can head northward from central Tianfu Square to Wenshu Monastery past Mao Zedong statue. Here, you can go back in time and enjoy this well-preserved monument that is remarkably well-hidden amongst a bustling residential neighbourhood. You can get to know more at

The newfound popularity of Jin Li Street allows you to explore the place and shoot pictures from your smartphone or camera for your growing collection.

Going further northwards, you can find Tianfu Square, close to People’s Park. Its modern design dates back to Qing Dynasty.

For upscale urban scenery, you can visit Taikoo Li that is popular for its designer shops. It is adjacent to the Jinliang River and next to Sichuan iconic TV tower. You can also have a look at the picturesque Anshun Bridge.

Chengdu food

You will be surprised to note that this small city hosts plethora of Chinese and American restaurants serving ‘Szechuan Chicken’. Some of the popular dishes offered here are Kung Pao Chicken or Gong Bao Ji Ding and Ma Po Tofu. The restaurants are always crowded with locals and tourists alike ordering their favourite food and beverages. You should try out dine-&-dish favourites such as savoury, spicy Dan Dan Noodles. Yu’s Family Kitchen is popular for offering its guests with a 33 course extravaganza featuring pan-Chinese classics such as Peking Duck and Sichuan specialities. Chengdu travel is incomplete without visiting these places.

You should also explore Jinli Street as it is well-known for its local snacks and historic atmosphere. Here, you can have sticky rice cakes offered with sesame sauce, sweet rice jelly, spicy chicken on stick, fried beef pancakes, spicy rabbit heads and much more.

Do try out hot pot as it is among the country’s most commonly consumed dishes. It means ‘fire pot’. You can include the type of ingredients that you would like to taste. You can have spicy and delicious recipes.

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