Factors to Consider When Selecting Ideal Garage Floor Paint

When it comes to the selection of the most excellent garage floor paint, there are parameters that have to be carefully considered. These factors are going to be discussed and they are as follows:

  • Application

If you are making use of epoxy, you need to know that extensive preparation of the floor has to be done. there will be the need to wash the floor using a degreaser, clearing up the pores in preparation using etching substances or even repairing the damaged concrete using epoxy paste.

Later on, there will be the need to do an application of epoxy primer, typically a minimum of two layers of epoxy using a roller or a brush. Color bits can be added if you want, alongside urethane-based upper layer. On the other hand, applying the garage floor paint is a lot simpler. Just do a power washing of the concrete surface and they use the roller or brush to apply one or two layers of the paint. You also do not need to prime or even etch before you commence.

  • Cost

Garage floor paint is a lot more affordable when compared with epoxy paint. If you are going to cover a lot of floor space, then this is definitely worth considering. For those who want to save as much as possible or those who have limited funds, garage floor paint is a better option.

  • Durability

Using a garage floor paint means that it can be durable for as long as two years. The paint layers that are applied without making use of epoxy will need constant reapplication because they are going to get damaged with exposure from chemicals. Epoxy garage floor paints and polished concrete brisbane are good and offer impressive resistance but not on the same level with true epoxy.

 As they are chemical-resistant and non-porous, epoxy coatings can be in place for up to five years with no issue of chipping or flaking. This is true even when exposed to the extremes of heat or cold, impact by vehicles or humans or even chemicals.

  • Maintenance

Of course before you settle for a particular garage floor paint, you also need to ask yourself precisely how you are going to be maintaining the polished concrete Brisbane. as for the painted and epoxy floors Brisbane garage floors, you can maintain them in good condition by just mopping or sweeping them on a weekly basis.

But if you are considering deeper cleaning, you have to be selective when it comes to the kind of solutions that you are going to be applying on the epoxy coatings instead of the plain garage floor paint.

  • Traction

These are floors where traction is crucial to performance. As for epoxy coatings, they record more slips and if that is something that bothers you, then you should go for the epoxy floors Brisbane kit that has anti-slip or skid compounds so that there can be more grip. Matte or flat garage floor paint has the greatest level of traction for use.

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