Do Not Wait to Take Care of Those Tree Stumps

When storms hit it sometimes takes down trees or does so much damage that the tree has to be cut down. Or perhaps the tree was diseased or was at risk of damaging property or hurting people from falling branches so you called in tree removal Sydney services. Whatever the reason you have stumps left in the garden, you might want to consider not just leaving those stumps hanging around. People think they can just leave them and deal with them later and then that later becomes months, and then a few years. But it is not best to leave it, in fact, it is better to take care of them sooner rather than later and here is a look at why.

Two problems to consider

While there are others, two of the big problems stumps can cause if ignored on your property are;

  1. Attracts unwanted visitors – Any form of deadwood whether it is branches, stumps, stacks of cut wood and so on is a place that attracts insects and critters and rodents. At first, that might not be much of a problem but over time they are likely to make their way to your home and then you have problems with nests of things you do not want. Those insects can also cause damage to your healthy trees and plants. Rather than risking it just look into professional tree stump removal.
  2. It is not safe for several reasons – The fact is having dead trees and stumps on the property is not safe. First of all those roots are possibly going to cause a problem still damaging paths, drives, and foundations of the house even. The roots dry up and become brittle and they can be a tripping hazard too. When you have tree removal Sydney come in, for an additional fee they can handle the stump too right then. This is a good idea to take advantage of that.

Finding a professional tree service for tree stump removal

The kind of service you hire should have experience in tree stump removal and come with the right equipment and tools. How much they charge is going to depend on several factors such as the size of the stump, how many stumps there are and the state they are in too. How much work they have to do to prevent damage to nearby things could also be a factor for some. You will likely see quite a range in prices so get several quotes and take advantage of free quotes and consults. A lot of good reputable services offer them.


Leaving the tree stumps in is not usually the best option. When you are investigating removal options and are thinking about doing it yourself, keep in mind if that stump goes deep it is going to be a very physically hard job that may take you a while to achieve. Hiring professionals saves you that labour and time and gets it done more quickly and correctly.

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